Llei de Residus 6/93, de 15 de Juliol, (Waste Regulation Law) approved by the Catalan Government, establishes the collection and regeneration of used mineral oil as a public service. Through public tender, Cator becomes the only concessionaire in Catalonia for the comprehensive management of used mineral oils.

Cator’s project was the only one to integrate the management of oil, from its collection through to regeneration, making it a sustainable process.

The collection of used oil starts as in addition to an awareness campaign promoting the proper management of mineral oil waste among all stakeholders


Cator puts into operation a Regeneration Plant in Alcover, built from an old vegetable oil factory.


The regenerated base oil produced by Cator (Regenoil®), is suitable for manufacturing all kinds of lubricants. It became the first regenerated oil composition in Europe to obtain European and American certificates and approval (ACEA’98 and API).


Cator, in collaboration with FL Iberia from the Magneti Marelli Group and Infineum, launched Ecoroil oil on the European market. It was the first motor oil from 100% re-refined mineral base oil to meet the highest quality requirements in Europe (ACEA-98) and North America (API). This guarantees the sustainable loop of usage, collection and recovery.


Cator sets up an Environmental Education and Training Scheme (CEFMA) in its facilities at the Alcover factory. CEFMA is open to the general public (schools, universities, etc…) and aims to promote sustainable development and best environmental practices.


Cator backs the creation of the Spanish Global Compact network of the United Nations, becoming its founding member and signing the Ten Principles of corporate responsibility promoted by the agreement.


Cator obtains a new emblem for the quality of its regenerated lubricants (Distintiu de Garantia de Qualitat Ambiental).


End of the public concession. A cycle of 20 years is closed. During this period of time Cator managed to turn the Comprehensive Management of used oil into a success case and a benchmark replicated in several locations worldwide. A new stage with new challenges starts for Cator that reaffirms its commitment to the environment and the sustainable management of used oil.


Cator consolidates market position with a year-on-year increase of 9% in volume of regeneration of used oil at the Alcover Plant.