Corporate responsibility

Catalana de Tractament d’Olis Residuals, (Cator) is strongly committed to the environment. Since its foundation, Cator has supported and promoted sustainable development in all spheres where the company has presence.

All Cator actions are conceived to solve complex issues facing the management of used mineral oil in the most sustainable way possible. The R+D department constantly works towards potential improvements in production processes in order to maximise efficiency of overall activity and environmental friendliness.

Cator collects toxic and dangerous waste, which is then regenerated and results in new raw material – thus avoiding the emission of millions of tonnes of CO₂ or the potential contamination of soils and water.

The Environmental Education and Training Centre (CEFMA), the participation in the Global Compact United Nations and collaborations with not-for-profit organizations, reaffirms Cator’s commitment to the environment and society.


Our vision is that of a company committed to the environment: distinguished by its contribution to sustainable development processes without losing sight of the quality of its products and services.


Our mission consists of the management of used mineral oil, toxic and dangerous waste and the re-insertion of these materials in society as raw material, together with participating in the preservation of natural resources and the environment.


Environmental Responsibility: We conduct our business activities with the aim of preserving the environment and actively promoting sustainable development.

Integrity: We firmly believe in everything we do and promote.

Teamwork: We believe success of the business depends upon the combination of talent and commitment of the people who work within the company.

Quality: Our solid principles reinforce the importance of meeting the needs of our clients.