Ecoroil Project

The project comprises the following companies: FL Iberia from the Magneti Marelli group, Infineum – world leader in additives for the formulation of motor and industrial oils – and Cator.

The development of the first motor oil formulated with 100% regenerated oil, meeting the highest quality standards for European and North American markets.

Ecoroil demonstrates that is possible to recover used motor oil, re-refine it and market it at the same quality as any other existing lubricant on the international market.

It has gained the official approval and recognition of major European engine manufacturers (MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo), and is the first oil to obtain the Environmentally Friendly distinction in the category of lubricants, awarded by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

This significant initiative between FL Iberia, Infineum and Cator comes in response to the commitment of these companies to the preservation of the environment, natural resources whilst also minimising energy consumption.