What is the collection contract with Cator?

It’s a document approved by Cator and the producer which specifies:

  • Cator’s obligations;
  • The producer’s Obligations;
  • Acceptance conditions of the used oil

Acceptance conditions of the used oil

100% of all collections are analysed and what we look for is:

  • Content of PCB’s and PCT’s
  • Chlorine
  • Water
  • Other parameters in particular cases

Is it a free service?

Yes, providing the oil is not contaminated in the following ways: contains solvents, chlorinated paraffin, detergents or chemicals of non-typical formulations. Non-suitable oils are those containing:

  • Water in excess of6%
  • Chlorine in excess of 2,000 ppm (0.2%)
  • PCBs or PCTs

P Number

This refers to the code assigned by the Agencia de Residus de Catalunya, to a waste producer

What are PCBs and PCTs?

PCB – polychlorobiphenyls

PCT – polychloroterphenyls

They are widely-used chemicals, due to their anti-flammable properties. But it has been proved they are highly toxic and their production and use are currently banned.

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