Environmental services

Drawing from the experience acquired in the management and regeneration of used mineral oil, Cator offers various services to: regional governments, public authorities, business groups and used oil producers (factories, garages, repair shops, etc.).

Design of integrated
management systems
for used oil

In 1993 Cator designed and implemented an integrated management system for used oil in Catalonia – a system with a proven track record that continues to be fully recognized.

This integrated management scheme begins with the collection of used oil and ends up with its return to the market as raw material.

  • Education and awareness campaigns.
  • Census and advanced logistics.
  • Collection.
  • Regeneration.
  • Commercialisation.

Viability studies
of used oil
treatment plants

Cator carries out viability studies and action plans for re-refining plants of used oil worldwide.

Advice on
used oil

Guidance for private companies, governments and individuals on the proper management of used mineral oils:

  • Comprehensive management.
  • Logistics.
  • Security, collection, storage, treatment and best practices.
  • Training of managers, technicians and operators specialising in maintenance, laboratories or other related used oil activities.


The knowledge acquired during more than 20 years dedicated to the used oil regeneration, allows Cator to offer its R & D + i related experience. A technology consulting service which allows us research and investigate to improve existing processes and develop new ones that can provide technical and environmental advantages.


Cator’s laboratory employs cutting-edge techniques and equipment for used mineral oil analysis.